Riverdance Embarks On Another Farewell Tour


IRISH dancing extravaganza Riverdance is to set off on another Farewell tour, coming hot on the heels of the last farewell tour, and just three years after the “We swear to God, this is it” tour.

Now entering it’s 22st year, the sensational blend of Celtic dance and music that debuted at the 1994 Eurovision song contest in Dublin has toured around the globe with a rotating cast of some of the best dancers and musicians in the world.

Tears were shed in 2004 when the final performance of Riverdance took place, although this was short lived as it kicked off again the next day.

Having gone through 9 farewell tours and 67 final performances, organisers of the hit show have agreed to say fuck it, one more won’t hurt.

“‘Riverdance: We Fucking Mean It This Time’ is the title of the show, ” said Liam River, inventor of the spectacular event, “It’s the same Riverdance you know and love, just without any of the dancers you might associate with it,” adding “There’s not a hope in hell we could afford Flatley at this stage. But still, it’s a great night out for the nine people in the country who have never seen the show”.

Those who have expressed dismay at not being able to attend the upcoming farewell tour have been advised to sit tight for a year, there’ll be another one along.