Local Mother Has Only One Pair Of Hands


A COUNTY Waterford woman revealed today she has only one pair of hands, leaving her unable to perform several tasks at once, contrary to what the majority of her children believe.

Deirdre Kennedy, who has been awake since seven o’clock this morning, made the observation following her daughter’s request for a drink as she watched Buzykidz on her iPad in her room.

“My daughter was up in her room watching YouTube when she asked me to get her a drink,” Kennedy recalled “but I was doing the dishes at the time, so I couldn’t complete her request, leaving me with no other option but to shout back to my daughter that I had only one pair of hands and to come down and get it herself”.

Following the revelation, 8-year-old Ciara reportedly darted down the stairs, worried for her now invalid mother.

“I think the news shocked her a little,” Mrs. Kennedy added. “She inspected both of my hands from the shoulder down, and was taken aback when she realised I was telling the truth”.

It is understood Deirdre Kennedy was born with just one pair of hands some 37 years ago, yet somehow managed to live a full and fruitful life, even with her disability.

“You just get used to it, I suppose,” she concluded. “I don’t even think about it anymore, unless the kids start demanding things. I’ve learned to live with it and I just hope my kids don’t treat me any different now that they know”.