Dublin Girl Just Going To Pretend She Forgot Father’s Day This Sunday


DUBLIN girl Emer Reilly confirmed to friends that come this father’s day on Sunday, she will simply pretend to have forgotten the occasion to avoid spending money on someone other than herself.

“He’ll get over it,” Reilly confirmed while also stressing the need to make her absent mindedness convincing by not even bothering with a card.

“Cards are a fucking rip off these days anyway, it’ll be 5 euro or something ridiculous like that,” the Dubliner fumed.

The 22-year-old, full-time not ready to get a job just yet, will put on a convincing display of forgetfulness, ensuring that her father will not hold onto any residual ill-will when Reilly asks him for money later on in the week.

“Christmas was literally only a few months ago and my Mam got him something from me then, so it’d be a bit much expecting something again, ya know?” Reilly added.

Reilly’s father is expected to take the father’s day omission on the chin for a 12th year running.

“Spending 20 euro on something for myself or on my Dad who barely got my that trip to America for my birthday, it’s a no brainer,” reasoned Reilly to nods of acknowledgements from her friends.