Coherent Arguments Latest Casualty In Orlando Shooting


AS people around the world desperately try to come to terms with the unspeakable horrors visited upon members of Orlando’s LGBT community this week, reports are coming in that coherent arguments have become the latest casualty in the heinous shootings.

Those not entirely attuned to commonly felt emotions in the wake of a tragedy chose to defy their brain’s urge to reason through empathy, instead favouring to take to the internet to add to an ever growing pile of poorly researched detritus that calls itself opinion.

“Whatever you do, do not refrain from saying the first thing that pops into your mind, preferably in the direction of someone who is letting their grief for the victims and their families be known,” encouraged Denis Vile, member of the Ignorant Internet Alliance explained.

The media have yet to claim responsibility for the attack on coherent arguments, but is believed to be largely responsible. It is believed the global press has preferred to obsess over every last available detail relating to the perpetrator of the Orlando attack, Omar Mateen, just as experts have repeatedly warned them not to.

Several outlets were also happy to arbitrarily link the perpetrator to ISIS, casting aside any normal journalistic requirements for proof or verification.

“We’re happy to give anyone huge international exposure in the media without first confirming if the story is true,” Jim Schum told WWN. “Anything to bring us further from the truth of what happened works for us”.

US presidential candidate Donald Trump was first to fall victim to a senseless attack on logic, incoherently spouting whatever ignorant words he could muster, in an effort to capitalise on a tragedy.

Foregoing any attempt to rely solely on facts for the 3,456th time this year, the 70-year-old racist further detached himself from reality by calling for a ban on anything and everything in an effort to get him more votes come November’s election.

Similarly, Hillary Clinton ignored her historical rejection of LGBT marriage, in favour of pretending this was never the case.

Sadly, coherent arguments which bring about positive progress and solutions are expected to be attacked once more in the aftermath, following what at this point seems like the next inevitable mass shooting.