Some Bitch Talking Behind Your Back


WWN has learned that at this present moment in time some sly bitch is definitely talking behind your back.

While the identity of the assailant is still unconfirmed, speculation in your head is rife, citing that wagon Siobhan form accounts as the prime suspect.

“Bitch,” you remarked under your breath as she said hello to you this morning, leaving you with no other option but to run a potential confrontation with Siobhan over in your head some 100 times.

Siobhan’s motivations for discussing you and your business like some know it all prick are believed to be directly related to her inability not be a complete and utter bitch.

“Bitch,” you uttered another 47 times throughout the day as you caught sight of her moving about the office. It is believed you are deeply offended and repulsed by Siobhan’s actions, safe in the knowledge that you have never in your life made any remarks about anyone when they weren’t around. Such a scenario is utterly contemptible, and something you are currently struggling to comprehend.

Despite your certainty of Siobhan’s guilt, it is believed you couldn’t rule out the possibility that the bitch may actually be Sean, Rachel, Emma, Dean, John, Ciara, Jenny, Bridget or Helen.