Stephen Hawking Drafted In To Explain Irish Rental Market


HE may be famous for helping so many people comprehend the complex machinations at work in the universe, but the Irish government has handed Professor Stephen Hawking his most complex and challenging task to date.

Although far from his field of knowledge, it is hoped physicist Hawking can do a better job of understanding Ireland’s bizarre rental market than the Nation’s economists.

“If anyone can make heads or tails of all this stuff it’ll be the smart lad from the Specsavers’s ads,” Minister for Housing Simon Conveney explained to WWN earlier today.

With Hawking’s help, it is thought that there will be a slim possibility of sense being made of the rental market, which will benefit all concerned.

“Even if his conclusions are as aimless of the government’s policies to date when it comes to the rental market, it doesn’t really matter because he’ll be taken seriously with that voice on him,” explained a spokesman for the government.

It is hoped Hawking can explain the thus unsolved phenomena whereby landlords and letting agents describe houses and apartments as ‘luxurious’ and ‘spacious’.

“Maybe it’s all that black hole stuff, you know things expanding and contracting, while rent keeps skyrocketing,” the spokesman concluded.