Recently Deceased Man Was Only Spotted Shopping A Week Ago


A DUBLIN man who died suddenly in his sleep yesterday afternoon was apparently spotted out shopping in his local Tesco’s one week ago, and appeared to be fine.

Gary Williams, with an address in Sandyford, was found lifeless by his carer at 3pm Thursday, and is believed to have suffered a major stroke whilst having an afternoon map.

“I can’t understand it,” one elderly neighbour said, who also lives in the old folks complex that Williams resided in. “He was in Tesco’s last Friday and there wasn’t a thing wrong with him. He even waved and said hello with his mouth. Now he’s dead”.

In fact, several more friends and family members also claimed to have seen Mr. Williams prior to his death, raising questions to the validity of his passing.

“He collected his pension on Tuesday,” reported postmaster James Kirwan, who actually handed the dead man money over the post office counter. “There wasn’t a hint of him dying. He never said anything. How the hell did he even make the collection I don’t know. The whole thing is bizarre”.

Doctors examining Mr. Williams’ remains believe he could have been alive for up to 76 years before eventually succumbing to old age.

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