Culchie To Continue Having “Dinner & Tea” Instead Of “Lunch & Dinner”


CONFUSION continues to be served on a daily basis as one rural man refuses to accept that dinner is the meal eaten at the end of the day, and not from 1pm to 2 pm.

Cathal Moran, originally from Ballybay, but living in Dublin for 4 years, continues to refer to lunchtime as dinner time, and dinner time as teatime.

This rift in the meal-time continuum has led to several instances where Moran has missed out on meeting people or attending important appointments, simply by not clarifying what he means when he says “I’ll see you at dinner time”.

Friends and co-workers have expressed annoyance at the 37-year-old’s refusal to accept the difference between “dinner and tea” and “lunch and dinner”, adding that Moran continued to add further caveats to his already stupid system.

“If he eats a big meal at 1pm and at 6pm, he calls it ‘having two dinners’,” said one co-worker we talked to.

“And if he only eats a sandwich at lunchtime, he’s annoyed because he had ‘no dinner’. You have your dinner in the evening, you thick fuck. Jesus Christ, it’s annoying”.

Moran steadfastly refuses to call any meal “supper”, as he believes that supper is “something that Protestants eat”.