Urban Decay Eyeshadow Palette Named New Host Of Xposé


TV3’s flagship fashion and entertainment show Xposé has unveiled its new presenter, who is set to cover Karen Koster’s maternity leave from the show.

After a lengthy screen test phase, the competition was narrowed down to an Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette and a large mound of discarded hair extensions.

“Don’t get me wrong the hair extensions did a good job, but we need someone on screen who will ‘pop’, ya know?” a source close the show told WWN.

Some fans of the show are concerned with the new choice of host, but have been reassured by TV3 that they will fit right in.

“Throw to some clips of some celeb, some walks around in a dress, close up on some shop in the Powercourt Centre. Two minutes on nail designs and done. You won’t notice the difference,” the source added.

Urban Decay’s variety of looks which include smog, virgin and half baked were rumoured to have played a part in its selection, along with Xposé’s need to have as much product placement take up the screen as possible.