US Military Introduce Childbomber McChildbombface


AN online poll conducted by the US Air Force to name their newest MQ-1 Predator drone has resulted in the $4m aircraft being christened “Childbomber McChildbombface”, it has emerged.

The comical moniker was chosen ahead of the preferred names “Freedom Machine” and “Liberty Fire”, and moves made by the US AF to block the use of Childbomber McChildbombface were thwarted by a vicious online backlash.

The Childbomber McChildbombface fiasco mirrors the naming of the newest Royal Research Ship, which was saddled with “Boaty McBoatface” by hilarious people online.

“If they’re going to deploy this weapon overseas despite widespread criticism of the drone programme, then at least we should get to name it,” said one member of the Childbomber McChildbombface campaign.

“We wish we could have named it Nocollateralhumandamage McNocollateralhumandamageface, but like the drones themselves, that’s just not accurate”.

Childbomber McChildbombface is already operating in the Middle East, and so far has lived up to his name and then some.