AMAZING! This Irish Lad’s Penis Rash Is Going Viral!


DIDN’T think an Irish person was going to go viral today? Think again! Doctors have confirmed that a curious genital rash that one Dublin lad brought back from Prague is going viral right now.

Simon Kelliher picked up the irritating skin condition while on a stag weekend with the lads, and quickly infected someone else with it upon his return to Ireland.

After sharing it with a girl he met in Coppers at the weekend and another he met at a college function on Monday night, the rash quickly spread throughout the community. To date, it has been shared nearly 50 times.

“OMG, it’s so itchy,” said one man who doesn’t use condoms because ‘it’s not like it’s still the 80s’.

“This is me!” said another girl, after looking up ‘rashes’ on the internet and identifying what exactly was on her genitals.

With unprotected sexual activity still rampant among young people, the rash is expected to stick around for some time.