Motoring: Choosing The Right JCB For Ripping An ATM Out Of The Wall


LOOKING for a piece of heavy plant to help you pull off a smash and grab at your local petrol station this weekend? WWN Motoring takes a look at the best diggers, dumpers and backhoe loaders available to you!

1) JCB 3CX


Looking to pull off the classic ram-a-JCB-into-a-wall heist? Then you’re going to need a classic JCB. The 3CX let’s people know that even at 4AM in the morning, you’re dedicated to looking distinguished while you ramraid the front of a Spar.

2) Case N Series

case N

Crush your cache with a Case! Once considered the poor man’s JCB, the N series offers just as much style and power as the more familiar 3CX. The more affordable N series may be more prominent around the country, so no matter what town you’re looking to pull off your robbery in, you should be able to steal one handily enough.

3) Komatsu PC160


For when overkill isn’t enough; you need to get a bit more oomph behind you! ATMs at shops and forecourts are easy work for JCBs, but if you’re hitting one outside a bank you’ll need the kick of a Komatsu. Tracks instead of tyres leaves this beast a bit slower, so you may as well go for the night safe, while you’re at it.

4) Bobcat S175


Hitting the city? You may need something a bit sleeker than anything above. The S175 is great for robberies in town. Simply load it onto a trailer, drive it into town, slam it into a banklink, and you’re gone in 5 minutes. Try getting a Himac all the way into the city center in that time!