€60 Trip To Zoo Results In Sighting Of One Elephant & Maybe A Bit Of A Tiger


ONE Waterford family have just had their most thrilling trip to Dublin zoo so far, managing to spot not only an entire elephant, but what may have been the hindquarters of a tiger.

The Maguire family, consisting of dad Robert and mum Sheila, along with Derek (8) and Sean (10), made the 5 hour round-trip to Dublin Zoo at the weekend.

Arriving just as peak viewing time merged with most animal nap times, the Maguires set about gazing hopefully into empty enclosure after empty enclosure, before striking gold at the elephant paddock where they saw, above all things, an elephant.

Coupled with what young Derek insisted was a tiger “hiding way at the back” of the tiger enclosure, the Maguires declared the day a great success and headed back to their Dungarvan home.

“Many times we’ve gone and seen nothing, so to see one and a bit animals is incredible,” said Sheila Maguire, speaking exclusively to WWN.

“The boys had a great day, and Robert loves nothing better than spending his entire day off in the car, so it was a mighty success. And to think it only cost 60 quid for the four of us? Sure, it was worth that just for the tiger’s arse”.

Dublin Zoo strongly stress that annual family tickets are much better value than day passes, and allow families to see no animals much more often.