Optimistic Irish Fans Diagnosed With ‘Euro 2012 Amnesia’


AN increasing number of Irish fans have been diagnosed with a worrying condition after going for a routine check up with their GPs, WWN has learned.

Since last Friday’s 1-0 victory over Switzerland, close to 40,000 Irish fans have been diagnosed with a new condition known as ‘Euro 2012 Amnesia’.

Symptoms include almost no recollection of the previous, similar optimism pre-Euro 2012 and how that subsequently blew up their faces, as well as a delusion that Ireland are one of the best football teams competing in this year’s Euro 2016 tournament.

“It’s sad to see, even after the 2-2 draw last night, I’ve diagnosed 100 new cases already this morning,” confirmed GP Richard Cumisky, “one poor lad was telling me how he borrowed 5 grand from his Credit Union for the trip to Paris, and he was saying it like it was a foolproof investment that couldn’t possibly backfire,” the concerned doctor added.

“The poor sod has already booked his tickets for the knockout stages”.

Memories of disappointing Euro 2012 displays under Giovanni Trapattoni are suppressed and replaced with new optimistic dreams of beating England 8-0 in the final of this year’s tournament.

In more extreme cases, some fans have been known to mistake football footage of Lionel Messi for Wes Hoolohan.

“They see the Barcelona jersey clearly, but they can’t shake the feeling that it’s Wes pulling the strings. It’s called Hoolohan Blindness, it’s a whole different condition,” Cumisky confirmed.