WIN! We’ve Got Tickets To Chris Brown To Giveaway, Please Don’t Bring Up His Violence Against Women



BOY have we got a great competition for you, as long as you discount the fact that Chris Brown has a history of violence against women and just answer the question below. It was ages ago anyway, so please, please don’t bring it up, it’ll make us look bad.

The 3 Arena! The bright lights of Dublin! Chris Brown! June 15th 2016, we’ll put you right into the heart of the music action with two free tickets, so before you feel conflicted about it, it’s not like you’re lining the pockets of a man who has beaten women, the tickets are actually free and therefore guilt free. Is he homophobic? His assault of Frank Ocean suggests yes, but a free ticket is a free ticket at the end of the day.

Yeah, we’re aware of the hit and run Brown was involved in, c’mon do you think we’d honestly be offering these tickets in a competition if we could get our hands on something else? We tried honestly, but there’s none going spare for Busted or The Dixie Chicks. If Adele comes back, honestly, we’ll try to get a few tickets for that.

Right, let’s just get this out of the way and hope we don’t catch too much heat for endorsing this competition. Question time:

Quick, can you take these tickets off our hands before this blows up in our face?

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