WWN Guide To Giving Up On The Dream


THE dream, we all cling to it, and it can come in different shapes and sizes. However, it can be very hard to determined exactly when it is time to give up on it, whatever it may be.

It takes a sober appraisal of a number of factors and we have the essential guide to doing so below:

Has technology still not caught up with your dream?

Do you dream of being shrunk down to the size of a grain of sand in order to be placed inside the human body to carry out essential scientific research? Well, you’ll have to ask yourself: will technology ever catch up with your aspirations? If the answer seems as unlikely now as it did when you first thought of it, the time to give up may be right now.

This is also applicable for other dream pursuits including travelling back in time to punch Hitler in the face, getting realistic enough plastic surgery to be good looking enough to chat up Mila Kunis, somehow finding a way to be turned into a giant, and vocal cord transplant so that you can sound like Marvin Gaye when singing.

Is age getting the better of you?

What dreams were suitable for 10-year-old you, might now seem simply impossible and thus should be cast aside in exchange for a future void of hope. This step is primarily for people who still want to be professional footballers. Don’t abandon all hope however, and no one can stop you from pulling your jersey over your head and shouting commentary of your goal in 5-a-side match. No one. Additionally, dreams of being the bestest colourer inner for persons aged 8 and under obviously have a sell by date and thus should be given up on when age dictates. We’re aware you can colour in without going outside the lines, but you’re 26 now.

Was it realistic in the first place?

We’re sure you have every faith in your abilities, but you never had the calf muscles of a ballet dancer, so it was less ‘the dream’ and more ‘the delusion’. Sorry, but tough love is needed in this case. Your coordination as well, Christ, do you remember Sinead’s wedding and your Beyoncé routine, if that wasn’t an indication that the dream was dead we don’t know what is.

Have you actually tried?

If your stated dream is something you really want to do, then we’re sure by this point you’ve put your full effort into it. But, on the off chance if that effort has only taken the form of you saying out loud ‘it’s my dream to…’ several times, it may be time to downgrade the status of your dream to ‘something I would mind doing but am not really arsed to be honest’.

Shut up, I can still achieve it.

OK there, calm down. We’re sure that novel about a superhero, with the same initials you have, who has a superpower of being really cool, will write itself. If you believe in you and your dream, then we do too.