Doting Father Of One Purchases Puppy He’ll Leave In A Field After Christmas


AN incredibly loving father has spent the day searching for the perfect Christmas present for his daughter; a puppy, he will end up leaving in a field sometime in January.

Desmond, Hurley made the purchase after several minutes of weighing up the pros and yet more pros of buying a puppy, with the undying love of his darling daughter at the top of the list.

“I can’t wait to see her face,” Hurley said of his 6-year-old daughter Jessica, who has no previous experience in puppy management.

Taking to the dogs section of popular website Done Deal, Hurley found a 6-week old pug that he couldn’t for the life of him see himself getting sick of and subsequently abandoning in a field, despite his lack of patience for things that shit on his carpet.

“With Christmas presents, the best thing is to go with your gut, I’m sure it’ll be grand, they’re well able to look after themselves anyway, these dogs,” Hurley added after collecting the puppy that would go on to be called ‘Elsa from Frozen’.

“Ah, we’re hardly ever in the house these days, but we’ll stick on the telly for him, he’ll be fine” Hurley added, unaware that there’s more to looking after a puppy than making his daughter happy on Christmas day.