Kim Kardashian Fanatic Has Brain Removed In Bid To Emulate Her Idol


SELF-CONFESSED Kardashian fanatic Chantelle Jones is just your ordinary, everyday South Carolina mom of four, who just happened to have her brain removed in a bid to emulate her idol, Kim Kardashian.

Once a full-time Police Officer in her home county, Jones quit her job last year after saving up the $400,000 needed for the cosmetic operation.

“I always want be Kim,” she explained in broken English due to the constraints of not having any frontal lobes. “Now me like her. Me happy. People think me her all time and I write name Kim on paper”.

Forfeiting her hair for the operation, Chantelle Jones says she has no regrets about the procedure, which forced her onto disability benefits and her children into a care home for the time being.

“This tempry,” she mumbled, sending spittle from her lips into the air. “I did this for them… for better future. Now me just like Kim and everyone know.”

Already the 32-year-old has attracted a lot of interest from television networks who are interested in her story, and there is even talks of a reality TV series on the cards.

“I not sign anything,” she confirmed. “Me sure something on way. Big show like Kim.”

UPDATE: Chantelle Jones has died of organ failure since the time of this article’s initial publication. We send our condolences to her remaining family members.