“OMG Only 25 Days Left ‘Til Christmas” – The Tragic Last Words Of Coworker Brutally Murdered


GARDAÍ cordoned off the offices of Nelligan Security Systems earlier this morning after the tragic murder of one of its least valued employees, Teresa Fallon.

Fallon (24) had started her day much like she had begun the previous 67 days at work, by announcing how many days were left until Christmas day.

Arriving into the busy open plan office, with her arm hoisted skywards in a clear display of unconfined joy, Fallon marked the beginning of December by announcing to everyone that there was just 25 days left until Chirstmas day fell on the 25th of December.

Fallon attempt to helpfully inform the office of how the calendar year works, but it was not taken up well by her 26 coworkers.

After the 67th successive day of counting down to Christmas began, a number of Nelligan Security Systems leapt up from their desks grabbing any office stationery item they could, and proceeded to violently murder the young secretary.

“I think I got her with a pencil to the ankle,” remarked one coworker as he was led away by Gardaí while another confirmed she had “sellotaped the bitch’s mouth shut”, depriving Fallon of vital oxygen.

In total 19 of Fallon’s coworkers stand accused of murder, but it is thought the Gardaí will not pursue charges after reviewing endless CCTV footage of Fallon wearing Christmas jumpers as early as mid-October.