The New Facebook Scam EVERYONE Is Falling For


THIS one isn’t about paying for access to your Facebook newsfeed, but still people are falling for it in their droves.

Despite the recent buzz about recent Facebook scams, users on the social networking site are falling for yet another fake post which makes fabricated claims.

Not long after users learned that a post doing the rounds on Facebook stating that the internet giant was convincing and encouraging people to regularly input information regarding their location and their hobbies along with pictures of their daily activities, in order to sell the information to big companies was totally fake, comes yet another scam.

A post entitled ‘From Facebook’ begins with a list of instructions for Facebook users to carry out in order to keep access to their account has been shared a staggering 100,000 times already and has resulted in as many shocking deaths.

“The post is entirely false and we’re working on stopping it spread on the site,” explained Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg.

Users are told to find a sharp object or gun, and ordered to make it viable before being instructed to turn the weapon on themselves and use it, thus securing access to their own account and preventing it from shutting down.

“Far from securing their accounts, the instructions actually conclude with the user murdering themselves, and in some more disturbing cases, they also inadvertently shot their nearby laptop or mobile phone,” head of Facebook’s anti-scam task force Roger Guild told WWN.

If you see the post delete it immediately. Do NOT share it.