Facebook To Introduce ‘Pay Fuck All Tax’ Button


IN an effort to deflect any criticism they continue to receive for paying just over £4,000 in corporation tax in the UK last year, internet giant Facebook is set to roll out a new button beneath all posts for users called the ‘pay fuck all tax’ button.

Keenly aware that regardless of the fact that thanks to lax tax loopholes kept in place by the UK’s Conservative government making such insultingly low corporation tax payments remain legal, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg gave the green light to launch the new button.

“Mark is aware that bad PR is something no company should invite upon themselves, and he is also aware that given half a chance any ordinary, decent member of the public in the UK or anywhere else would absolutely jump at the chance to pay fuck all tax, so they’re exploiting that with a new button option,” explained tech expert and Facebook insider John Skellington.

Despite several online petitions against Facebook’s tax status in the UK, garnering signatures, the immediate installation of a button showing people how to do the exact same thing has been clicked on by close to 800 million people in the 2 hours and 47 minutes since the button was introduced.

“The outrage at how little Facebook pay is palpable, but it’s not as strong as the average person’s desire to pay just as little tax as that too,” Skellington confirmed.

The new button, available to all Facebook users, redirects users to information about a variety of smart and ultimately deeply cynical ways to avoid paying the expected level of tax for their respective earnings.