6 Horrifying Irish Urban Legends. #3 Is Terrifying!


LIKE every country in the world, Ireland has its share of spooky supernatural stories and ghostly tales. Even the most skeptical people fear to tread in certain parts of the country, for fear of the following Irish urban legends!

Mrs. Don’t-Come-Running


Although her real name has been lost to the ages, the legend of Mrs. Don’t-Come-Running still lives. Children all across Ireland know the story of a woman who refused to show pity to her own children, even if they fell off walls and broke their legs. Irish kids know to be careful while playing, in case they get hurt and hear the tuts of Mrs. Don’t-Come-Running.

The 2 Euro Hostel


Legend has it that there exists a hostel in Ireland, where the poorest and most downtrodden members of society can lay their heads down in exchange for a two euro coin. Night after night, lost souls take to the streets to find two euro so they can be allowed to roam the halls of the two euro hostel for a night. Belief in this myth is so strong in Ireland, that even the Irish government will not offer shelter to homeless people for fear of offending the hostelkeepers.

The Phoenix Man


Dublin’s Phoenix Park is home to many urban myths, but none so terrifying as The Phoenix Man. Some describe him as a young, slender figure, while others describe him as a grotesquely out of shape middle aged man… regardless of description, people who walk through Phoenix Park at night know to listen out to low moans and grunts coming from the wooded areas of the park, followed by the sight of the bushes shaking… this is a sign that The Phoenix Man is nearby! Sometimes there are two of them!

Limbo school

Most children in Ireland are lucky to go be taught in a school that was blessed by a Bishop and named after a Saint. There are stories, however, of a school in which children who were never baptised are educated together with children whose parents do not believe in God or Jesus. These “Limbo Schools”, believed by many to exist on the fringes of towns and far from population centers, do not teach their pupils about how Jesus died on the cross, and the children that go there are said to be cursed by a constant smile on their faces.

The Chancellor


Even the hardiest of Irishmen dare not cross the being they call The Chancellor, who requires yearly tributes in order to stop her from wiping the land of all growth. Thousands of young Irish people have been sacrificed in order to appease the Chancellor, and the Irish heads of state must make frequent reference to how just and kind this horrible old crone is.

The Demon Drink


If you spot blood on the pavements in Ireland, that could be a clue that the Demon Drink was hard at work the night before. This impish demon is said to possess men and women, and even the friendliest of people can turn evil once they fall under the spell of The Demon Drink. People wake up the next day with no memory of what happened the night before, only to be be shocked to learn they were involved in a near-fatal assault outside a chip-shop. The Demon Drink is said to live in every town in Ireland, so beware if you go out after dark…