God Finally Brings His Gay Marriage Weather To Ireland


GOD has apologised unreservedly to anti-gay marriage campaigners for the delay in bringing down retribution on Ireland in the form of truly awful weather.

Cataclysmic suffering was expected to be meted out on the Nation in the aftermath of Ireland voting yes to the Marriage Equality referendum, but God had until today failed to deliver.

“Sorry was a bit busy there you know how it is, was watching the ISIS fellas behead lads for the craic, completely forgot you had the gay marriage thing happening,” God explained, admitting his error.

No side campaigners celebrated belately, but queried God’s decision not to use lightening to personally strike down every last yes voter.

“We warned you all! Better late than never I suppose, but throw in a bit of lightening to the face and they’ll have truly learned their lesson,” no campaigner Brian O’Byrne told WWN, seemingly pleading further with God Almighty.

“I have it starting there now, though, thundering showers of wetness. I’m sure there are more inventive ways of punishing the sinners, but to be honest, I haven’t got the time, I’ve to leg it to Asia. Floods don’t start themselves ya know,” added the deity.

Yes voters admitted to not taking some no side figures’ claims of damnation seriously, but have today urged everyone to buy an umbrella to avoid catastrophic dampness.

It is believed over 4,000 people have been splashed with water after cars drove through puddles at ferocious speeds.