Nicky Byrne Has Cancellation Of Million Euro Challenge Explained To Him 5 Times


FORMER Westlife vocalist and current RTÉ staff member Nicky Byrne has reacted to the cancellation of The Million Euro Challenge with bemusement, requiring TV chiefs to sit him down and explain what’s going on in meticulous detail.

The Million Euro Challenge, the Saturday night National Lottery game show designed to replace Winning Streak, survived for just one season before its abrupt cancellation.

The show had received widespread criticism for its overly complex game mechanics, confusing rules and dour presentation by Byrne.

Byrne was brought into a meeting earlier today in Donnybrook and informed of the cancellation, at which point he stressed that he “didn’t quite get” what he was being told.

“So… are we getting a second series? When you say cancelled, does that mean we just get another year? What’s going on here?” said Byrne, in scenes reminiscent of actual episodes of The Million Euro Challenge.

“What do I do in terms of working on Saturdays from now on? Is that chosen by the spin of a wheel? When Winning Streak comes back, will I have anything to do with it? I mean, I get the gist of what you’re telling me, but just maybe tell me it one more time”.

After five attempts, Byrne nodded to signify that he understood what he was being told, although the belief remains that he’s just going along with it and doesn’t really have a clue what’s happening.