Teenagers Life 100% More Interesting Now After Dyeing Blue Stripe In Her Hair


THE life of a Dublin teenager just got a whole lot more interesting now after the inclusion of a stripe of blue in her otherwise mousey brown hair has doubled her levels of quirkiness, hopefully boosting her social standing at her school.

Laura O’Whelan, 16, took the drastic steps after realising her Misfits T-shirt and love of Tim Burton movies weren’t doing enough to cement her position as the kooky girl in her class.

With a strict ban on facial piercings or tattoos in place, O’Whelan decided to express her individuality through the medium of dyed hair, opting for Punk Chick Blue no. 7 from the limited range in her local pharmacy.

With the dying process deemed a complete success, the straight-A student is looking forward to parading her badass new look at the front of the Central Bank this weekend, where it will make her stand out among the other girls who opted for Punk Chick Blue no. 8 and Punk Chick Blue no. 9.

“It’s my hair, so if you don’t like it, then whatever, ” said O’Whelan, despite really really hoping that you like her hair. “I’m not one of those pretty-girl types who fixate on how they dress and how they look, I’m just more about expressing my style, which I put together after hours of planning.

“I mean, look at the blue streak in my hair; look at it! Ok, why are you looking at my hair? Have you never seen someone with a blue streak before? Get over yourself”.

O’Whelan is expected to keep the blue streak in her hair until at least Monday next week, at which point she will change it to a pink stripe because you wouldn’t understand.