Bus Éireann Cut 100 Services Saving Thousands The Horror Of Travelling On Bus Éireann


THOUSANDS of former Bus Éireann customers have expressed profound relief after the announcement that close to 100 services operated by the semi-state body will be discontinued.

The cut in services will see the frequency of some services reduced as well as amendments to routes, taking them further away from isolated communities.

“The nightmare is over after years of hope,” shared one visibly emotional commuter from Bray as she attended a celebration on the streets of Dublin City.

Many rural communities will now find it increasingly difficult to gain access to larger towns and cities, but despite this much of the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

“Ah, I’ve always been threatening to find another way of getting to Dublin,” shared former Bus Éireann customer Bríd Carty, “I know it’ll take me over 12 hours to walk to Dublin now but at least I don’t have to stick that shite service anymore”.

The ‘shite service’ Bríd alluded to was the number 104 route from Drogheda to Dublin, which stopped at Athlone, Dingle and Bundoran on its way to the capital city. Some criticisms of the transport operator were even more scathing.

“The wifi dropped off completely for about 5 minutes the other day, the driver wasn’t one bit apologetic when I told him I couldn’t upload my selfie,” shared angry commuter Ryan Shaw.

While many people choose to travel with private bus companies because they have a less tolerant attitude to back of the bus ‘antics’, some customers remain loyal to the Bus Éireann service.

“You can’t beat the excitement in the air when ya get on the bus,” Niall Scott told WWN, “will there be someone laid flat out on heroin down the back or will I be sitting in between a poetic illustration of domestic abuse carried out in full view of the public. Honestly, why people give out is beyond me”.

The reduction in routes was announced on foot of Bus Éireann’s most commercially successful year, taking in over €4 million in profits.

A public memorial has been set up near the Bus Éireann Connolly station in Dublin, where hundreds of people have already shared the horrific stories of their journeys on the ‘wall of pain’.