World First As Newly Born D4 Child Has Quadruple Barrel Surname


AN overjoyed Dublin couple is celebrating what has been revealed to be a world first following the birth of their son Archie Ganley Manley Hanley Shanley.

“We were obviously going to say he’s a special little guy, but we didn’t know he was one of a kind,” said beaming father John Ganley Manley.

John along with his wife Sophie Hanely Shanley had planned to confer both their double barrel names on their child, initially thinking this was the norm in families with a collective wealth in the millions they were shocked to learn it was the first instance of such a thing occurring.

“It just never entered my mind to like, deprive Archie of the chance to lord it up over someone just called Murphy, you know?” Sophie explained from her hospital bed.

“Double barrel names open the door for someone, people literally open door for me specifically the housekeeper – Polish, she’s great. I can only imagine what Archie could do with a quadruple barrel name,” added the beaming mother.

After studiously checking the birth registers in Ireland, experts confirmed that Archie Ganley Manley Hanley Shanley is the world’s only quadruple barrel baby. Although he is only a day old, things are already looking up for the D4 newborn.

“Ah, it’s been a mad 24 hours to be honest, AIB called offering Archie here a 100% mortgage which was very thoughtful in fairness and he’ll have a 42-page spread in the Sunday Independent. The little guy is keeping himself busy,” explained John.

Experts in the field of children have confirmed that no matter how good natured Archie is, he will undoubtedly grow up to be a massive arsehole due to his quadruple barrel surname.