WWN Event Guide



The third annual Pothole-Filling Championships take place throughout Ireland as teams of local council workers compete to fill in dangerous potholes in the quickest time possible. Points awarded for shoddy workmanship, unintelligible diversion routes and over of bonus points in the filling sinks and returns the pothole to its former glory inside an hour. Things kick off tomorrow morning from 12pm, admission is free.


Paddy Browne’s pub sees a change from its usual Friday live music for an art show spectacular. Works by Monet, Renoir & Picasso are on loan from the Lourve, Musee D’Orsay and the Prado. Admission is €8 euro online and €10 at the door. No pictures and pints will have to remain at least 2 feet away from paintings at all times.


Some fancy Dublin shite. It’s unclear as to the details as of yet but it’s likely a bit up itself and all fancy like. Expensive too. Jaysus they’d charge crazy prices up there and you’d be hard pushed to find value. Admission probably €70.


An event organised by the LGBT community is offering the No side of the upcoming referendum the chance to take to the Cliffs of Moher where they are free to hurl poorly formulated abuse and arguments off the cliffs and out onto the vast empty expanse of the Atlantic ocean. Low winds expected, so abuse will not blow back in an individual’s face. Admission is free.


Little known but well attended, this year’s Snake Charming Championships of Ireland takes place in Stradbally. Can anyone out-charm 13-year-old prodigy Matty O’Dwyer, maybe India’s reigning champion Imran Gupta is up to the task. Admission is €10, fun for all the family. Note there is no on-site medical care, if bitten you will have to drive yourself to the hospital.