“We’ve Had To Lay Off The Pool Cleaner” Dalkey Mum’s Heartbreaking Letter To The Taoiseach


A SOUTH Dublin mother has written to the Taoiseach this week outlining the ongoing difficulties her family has had over the past few years, claiming she had to lay off her pool cleaner, Carlos, after 7 years of austerity.

The Dalkey woman’s letter has since gone viral around the country, forcing the St Vincent De Paul to since intervene by covering the cost of the cleaner’s pool fees for next year.

Dear Taoiseach,

I am writing to you about this whole austerity thing everyone is talking about these days. You know, the one all those smelly, less-well-off people in the post office queue go on about.

I never thought about it much until yesterday; when I had to sack my live-in pool cleaner, Carlos.

My husband, Pat, who works as a radio presenter, said we just couldn’t afford to pay him cash-in-hand any more due to the new water charges coming in, and we had to send him back home to Argentina with his four kids. Which is a shame, because they sure as hell did a really good job at picking up the leaves from the driveway.

I just wanted you to know: I’m not happy. Pat is a great friend with the president himself, so I’m sure you’ll be hearing a lot more about this from him.

Another thing, why are you guys charging so much road tax? As a family, we have to fork out over €5,000 a year on the two Land Rovers and the son’s car. How can you expect a 17-year-old to afford €1,600 a year for his 5 series? Fiachra is only a student for Christ’s sake! It’s a downright disgrace if you ask me.

You fat cats should be ashamed of yourselves. Look at the misery you’re causing the country with your taxes and charges. No wonder Sinn Féin are leading the polls with that carry on.

If you keep this up, we’ll all be under a communist rule under Gerry Adams.

I don’t like him at all. It’s that beard. And those beady eyes?

Please, cop onto yourself Enda, before you end up having to hand over the country to those goons in suits.

Anyway, I hope Fionnuala is doing well. Give her my blessings, and tell her I’ll see her at bowls on Monday in Dun Laoghaire.  

Just do the right thing and give back a little more.

Kind Regards,

Kathy Kenny

P.S. Our neighbour is claiming our property is his again. Can you have a little word with the council? Cheers.