Water Meter Installers Looking Forward To A Quiet Day At Work Tomorrow


AS PROTEST groups prepare to march at a Water Charges demonstration in Dublin tomorrow, teams of water meter installers are looking forward to their first quiet day at work since installations began.

The meter installers, who up until now had to work under stressful conditions such as having to dodge awkward questions about the legality of their operation,  will spend December 10th getting as many meters installed as possible while everyone else is at the protest rally.

Organised by water campaign group Right 2 Water, tomorrow’s march is set to demonstrate the public’s anger at the Government’s persistence with the onerous charges on water.

However, the marches, which will be attended by either thousands or hundreds of thousands depending on what media outlet you rely on, are seen by teams of installers as the perfect opportunity to get some meters in the ground while the getting is good.

“We’re going to make water meter hay while the protest sun is shining,” beamed Malcolm Halligan, a meter installation foreman working on behalf of Irish Water. “We’ve been in this estate in North County Dublin for weeks trying to get these chambers in the ground. It’s so fucking hard to get anything done when you’ve got scores of angry residents blocking you from even getting on site”.

“Then there’s the lads who know exactly what documents a team of installers should have in order to legally come onto someone’s property. Look, we don’t have any of those fucking things. We really don’t give a shite whether you want a meter or not, we’re being paid to get them in the ground. Tomorrow’s march on Leinster House couldn’t have come at a better time; we’re going to get so many meters installed when everyone is down the town, we’ll easily meet our targets and qualify for our bonus. I mean, our performance related pay increase”.

Halligan went on to endorse further Water Protest demonstrations, preferably hoping for one a week.