Man Utd Fan Politely Points Out His Team Have Won 5 Games In A Row


man utd

ARDENT lover of all things Manchester United, Liam Folan took to the innocuous location of an open top bus on Dublin’s O’Connell Street this morning to politely share the news of his favourite team’s resurgence.

With 5 wins on the trot, Man Utd appear to be back with the Premier League big boys near the top of the table, this despite only having 3 shots on target against last night’s opponents Southampton.

Liam, a lifelong fan of the Old Trafford outfit, was over the moon at this milestone so much so that he thought it would be necessary to inform as many people as possible.

Rising at 5am this morning Liam broke into the Dublin Bus depot in Donnybrook, freeing an open top bus from the premises along with scared driver John Drummond.

Liam proceeded to make the rounds across the city, stopping off at the home of each and every Liverpool supporter, he knew to politely wake them up with a number of obnoxious chants about Man Utd.

“Just wanna make sure the lads know we’ve won 5-in-a-row,” Liam explained, seemingly unaware that 5 victories equate to 15 points and not a lifetime supply of medals and trophies.

The die hard United fan then arrived on O’Connell Street in time for the morning rush hour traffic, and thought it best to let the rest of the city know about a result in the English Premier League.

Parking across several lanes to block traffic, Liam took to his megaphone to list of results against Hull, Southampton, Stoke and Crystal Palace as if he was announcing the advent of world peace, much to the annoyance of commuters stuck in traffic.

“I know it’s only a low key gesture, but I’m just happy, we’re back to winning ways,” Liam added completely oblivious to the fact that a team with Marouane Fellaini in its starting lineup is liable to self destruct at any moment.

Liam then left the scene to go to work where he is expected to staple Man Utd’s recent results onto the faces of all his co-workers.