Parents Urged To Hack Off Any Child’s Arm That Comes In Contact With Loom Bands



PARENTS of children who wear Loom Bands have been told today to “hack off” any limb that may have been in contact with the bracelet, just to be safe.

On-line parenting groups made the appeal yesterday afternoon after certain Loom Bands were found to contain cancer causing chemicals by a research lab in Birmingham.

Several parenting websites have already posted a step by step article on how to amputate your child’s arm from the elbow down, in a bid to make sure all the infected area is removed.

“We expect hospitals to be inundated with patients so we decided to post a DIY article on the procedure.” said editor Tracey Hope. “It’s important to leave some skin at the end of the wound, so it can be folded over the stump later and stitched.”

The independent laboratory report found that levels of a toxic, carcinogenic chemical, phthalates, were present in some cheaper ‘unofficial’ loom band charms in levels massively over those permitted by EU regulations.

EU regulations permit 0.1% of phthalates in weight, but some loom charms contain over 50% of the chemicals. These bands are considered highly dangerous and people are being asked to report any sighting of the brightly coloured bracelet – which has since picked up the nickname ‘Doom Band’.

Meanwhile, in county Kerry, Gardai are investigating an incident where a six year old girl was approached by a Loom Band in a white ’09 Toyota van. The girl refused to speak to the band, but later said it was very charming and pretty and was trying to clasp her wrist. Anyone with any information can phone Garda Confidential on 1800 666 111.