Dublin Gang Intern Disappointed Crime Is Nothing Like Love/Hate



Anthony Mulhearn was said to be left disappointed after completing a 3-month internship with a leading Dublin gang.

17 year-old Anthony Mulhearn from Donabate, Dublin is reportedly regretting his decision to take up an internship with a leading crime gang after he described the experience as ‘a complete waste of time’.

Anthony, inspired by hit RTÉ show Love/Hate, began the process of handing out CVs following his decision to leave school before completing his leaving certificate studies in the hope of securing employment in the crime world.

“I was reading the Sunday World and noticed there were a lot of vacancies opening up so I thought why not get in touch, I mean Love/Hate looked like great craic” shared Anthony.

While no one was willing to take on a 17-year-old school leaver with little experience Anthony was offered a 3-month internship with a highly successful Dublin gang. Despite being overjoyed upon accepting the internship Anthony now admits it was a mistake.

“It was all office work, mainly filing things. No mentoring either, kind of had to figure it out myself. After a while I realised there was little chance of being given a full time position,” shared a disconsolate Anthony.

The former intern bemoaned the lack of dramatic shoot outs, no access to company prostitutes and a no social media policy. He went even further – claiming he was exploited, often asked to work long hours and in one case asked to operate a semi-automatic weapon without the proper training.

“They handed it to me, health and safety be damned, I was lucky for my career that I managed to use it successfully on my specified target – a business rival but who knows what could have happened,” admitted Anthony.

The 17-year-old went on to add that he has yet to receive the written reference he was promised and concluded that the crime industry was in need of some regulation in the future to avoid other people having a similar experience.

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