Dublin Man Tells Facebook How Great His Mother Is Instead Of Mother


DALKEY man Gary Gleeson woke up with great intentions this mothers day morning by telling everyone of his Facebook friends how great his mother is – without actually ever mentioning it to herself.

The son of two gathered a wide variety of words to describe how much he appreciates the woman who brought him into this world.

‘You stuck with me through thick and thin throughout the years and I will never ever forget that.’ he wrote. ‘When I was down you made me smile. When I needed a friend you were there for me. I love you so much mum. Have a fantastic day. You deserve it XXX.”

Unfortunately for his 57-year-old mother, she will never know of her son’s affections, as she doesn’t own a Facebook account, “but that’s alright” he claims, as it wasn’t really aimed at her anyway.

“I just wanted to show people my softer side as I can be a bit of a prick at times.” he explains. “Mostly that hot chick I befriended last week. She’ll melt when she sees what I wrote. She’ll think I’m tough on the outside with a cream egg middle.”

Gleeson stated he will probably phone his mother later from the pub, when he “gets a bit of Dutch courage”.

“Our family doesn’t really do all that soppy shit,” he added. “She’ll just think I’m looking for something if I spout all that crap I said earlier.”

Meanwhile, sales of absolutely any old crap have quadrupled this morning in every supermarket and petrol station in the country.