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POLL: What’s Your Favourite Ethnic Minority To Scoff At In Internet Comment Sections?

WITH Ireland only recently gaining a civilised status last century after years of religious oppression, civil war and vast immigration, it is now time to saddle up on that high horse of yours, grazing on higher moral ground, and gracefully put down those ethnic minorities that modern day society has thankfully left behind. Sure, we’ve only decrimilised homosexuality 26 years ago, and yes,… Read more »

Poll: Have You Spent Enough Money Yet?

WITH the amount of shopping days left until Christmas ticking down, down, down, many people may be getting the sinking feeling that they haven’t fulfilled their duties as good consumers yet. Have you been keeping a tally of how much you’ve spent so far? Are your presents expensive enough to let your loved ones know… Read more »

Poll: Do You Have Any Tyres?

IT’S bonfire season, and who would we be if we didn’t build a heath & safety regulation-defying bonfire consisting of worn tyres and whatever the hell else we found lying around? But in order to properly allow the local teenagers to put themselves in as much jeopardy as possible, we’re going to need way more… Read more »

POLL: Should Women Pay Less For Their TV Licence?

WITH revelations of a gender pay gap in Ireland’s national broadcaster showing a significant difference between what men earn compared to what women earn working in RTE, is it time to look at decreasing the television licence fee for women in a bid to form some kind of balance? Please have your say: