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Novelty Kinda Wearing Off, Admit Dubs

THE capital headed to bed early last night following the Dublin senior team’s fourth consecutive All-Ireland GAA victory, with most fans admitting there was no real cause to stay out celebrating due to the novelty of being champions wearing off. The Dubs comfortably scooped the game’s top prize by beating Tyrone 2:17 to 1:14, in… Read more »

Referee Fired For Not Orchestrating Hurling Final Replay

WHILE the Nation was in the wake of being afflicted with teary-eyed patriotic pride upon witnessing yet another incomparable display of lovely hurling, the GAA was busily punishing the referee in charge of the Limerick-Galway All Ireland final for failing to secure a replay and another big pay day for the GAA. As everyone marveled… Read more »

Kilkenny Fans Turning Up To Croke Park Out Of Habit

A STEADY stream of understandably devastated Kilkenny locals have been turned away from Croke Park this morning after security staff gently broke the news to them that their county, winners of 8 out the last 12 All-Ireland hurling championships, were not in this year’s final. “Fuck sake,” declared an upset Kilkenny native, who, owing to… Read more »

Dublin Win Leinster Championzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

THE DUBLIN GAA team have clinched the Leinster Senior Football Championship title for the eighth year in a row, after a decisive victory over Laois at Croke Park yeste rda y at Crokk park wher decisive victory Leinster… Sorry, just dozed off there for a second. Apologies. Dublin cruised to victory over Laois with a… Read more »

GAA To Finally End Practice Of Using Blind Umpires

THE GAA has confirmed it is to end its highly controversial practice of only placing the visually impaired in umpire positions in All Ireland Hurling games. The welcome news comes after blind umpires failed to notice a goal scored by Tipperary against Waterford in Sunday’s Munster Championship clash was not in fact a goal, as… Read more »

5 Examples Of Fine Upstanding GAA Banter

BY now we’re all familiar with the banteriffic actions of an intermediate hurling team from Kilkenny, whose unique and amusing celebrations following their county championship win is everything that is great about the fun side of our national game. Scenes of women, believed to be hired strippers, performing sex acts on at least one of… Read more »