“Have You Thought About Giving The Hurling A Go?” Mayo Asked


“AH NO, but really, really giving it a go like. There’s no shame in it, just look at Limerick sure, they’re having the time of their lives,” offered the rest of the nation to a disconsolate and down-in-the-dumps Mayo in the wake of yet another loss in an All-Ireland Football Final.

Only trying to help out and ease the pain, the rest of the nation also got clarification from the Vatican that GAA-specific curses do not get transferred across sporting codes, so a Mayo team with its focus and resources redirected to hurling would be competing completely curse free.

“I know you’ve said you have your heart set on the football but the hurling, it’s a great sport, and who knows you might like it. And some say it’s a little less ‘crowded’ a field y’know?” added the nation, trying to be supportive while also delicately and subtly implying that perhaps it was time to try something new.

With the past 70 years of GAA statistics showing Mayo has done more bottling than a Coca Cola production line, the push towards hurling could take the pressure off the county’s shoulders and offer it a new lease of life.

“Spice things up a bit. And just listen to this list; Kilkenny, Waterford, Clare, Wexford… that’s a whole heap of brand new counties to lose to if you give the hurling a go,” added the nation, now insisting on it rather than just suggesting.