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“Don’t Worry, You’ll Get Used To It After 9 Months” Irish Single Mother Tells Ukrainian Staying In Hotel

REASSURING her new neighbours arriving for the first time at a Dublin city hotel, mother-of-three Dierdre Ryan revealed that they’ll get used to the place eventually, even the bit where you’re not allowed mix with hotel guests or use the facilities during the day. “You’ll all get used to it after nine months,” Ms. Ryan… Read more »

We Appreciate This Is The First Paddy’s Day In Years But For Fuck Sake Donnacha, Act Like You’ve Been Out Of The House Before

FRIENDS of Donnacha Caoimlinn have advised him to perhaps pump the brakes on his St. Patrick’s Day festivities, as he’s currently on track to drink 57 pints today if he keeps his current pace up. “Five pints in an hour is fairly unsustainable Donny, maybe just go a bit handy,” said one of Caoimlinn’s mates,… Read more »