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Local Woman Kindly Donates All Her Old Shite To Ukraine

INCREDIBLY charitable Waterford woman Sheila McCarthy has asked for ‘no praise’ following her generous donation of an entire wardrobe clear-out to a collection for refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. The 37-year-old has gone ‘above and beyond’ in her drive to ensure Ukrainian citizens who have left their homes have everything they need, including some… Read more »

“Yes You Can Have Citizens Assembly On Neutrality” Taoiseach Tells Nation That Asked For One On Drugs

AFTER YEARS of steadfast campaigning by charities, advocates, former drug users and experts, the government recently delayed the citizens assembly on drugs to the specific date of ‘dunno when’, as clearly requested by the public, WWN can confirm. “And not only that, we’ve been overwhelmed by the loud calls for a referendum on neutrality so… Read more »

Donate To Repair The Russian Embassy Gates

BY NOW everyone will be aware of the tragedy that unfolded at the entrance to the Russian Embassy in Dublin where a set of gates tragically lost its hinges. Relying on Irish people’s famous generosity the Russian Ambassador has demanded the taxpayer coughs up for repairs, a demand Irish people are happy to acquiesce to… Read more »