This Man Wore Whatever Clothes He Wanted Until He Got A Girlfriend


“I ACTUALLY HAD no idea I was wearing the wrong clothes or that I was wearing my wrong clothes all wrong either until I starting going out with Jen”

The words of hapless Waterford man Noel Clinton, who has been saved from a nightmare of not putting much stock in his clothing being the biggest indication to the outside world that he is a slovenly loser who was embarrassing his loved ones, specifically his girlfriend Jen Frawley.

“That’s what I love about Jen, she knows so much about things, like if I wear the check shirt I have over to her folks’ house again with the jeans that feel loose and comfy I’m actually doing something really horrible and shameful,” offered Clinton.

“And making sure your clothes have logos on them is important, but there’s logos that you don’t want on your clothes because then people think you’re poor, it’s mad the things clothes do to you behind your back,” continued Clinton, who was learning that his assessment of his clothing such as ‘I bought this three years ago, it still fits me and there’s no holes in it’ was grossly wide of the mark.

“But if I dress me in the clothes Jen made me buy, that I can’t keep buying at this financially unsustainable pace, I look like one of those gimps from Love Island and that’s a good thing, at least that what Jen tells me,” added Clinton, who laughs at his old self who foolishly lived by the motto ‘wearing a hoodie to the pub is okay’.

A world of opportunity and experiences now lay ahead for the 27-year-old thanks to Frawley’s discerning ways, something Clinton is understandably ecstatic about.

“Did you know that when you buy yourself and your girlfriend expensive clothes you can’t afford you also have to book a restaurant so you can give as many strangers as possible a chance to see you in them, and that even though it’s close to Christmas, these can’t be your ‘Christmas clothes’ because that’s a separate shopping trip entirely,” concluded Clinton, but not before pointing out that he recently learned that a gourmet burger place doesn’t qualify as a ‘restaurant’.