70,000 Drivers On Waiting List To Take Test In One Long Car


A SOLUTION to the current 70,000 strong waiting list for a driving test in Ireland has been found this morning after the RSA was contacted by the owner of a Waterford garage and limousine service.

“I was on the shitter when it came to me, by welding my fleet of limousines together I’d have one big super car everyone can do their test in at once,” explained Dessie Freel, who admitted all his best ideas including the driver’s seat trapdoor toilet, come to him while he’s on the toilet.

The RSA has asked all 70,000 drivers awaiting a test to make themselves available at Blarney St in Cork City at 9am this Friday, where all drivers will be tested in one single sitting.

“Blarney St is the longest residential street in Ireland, and we can’t use the M50 obviously, these losers don’t have a full licence haha, so the 1.57kn Blarney St it is,” confirmed a spokesperson for the RSA.

“To clear the backlog, we’ve had to use our ingenuity. But for those nervous test takers, don’t worry everyone will be given their own dedicated curmudgeonly tester who smells of last’s week takeaway and has lost their zest for life,” added the RSA.

Impressed by the fresh thinking displayed by the RSA, the HSE is reportedly thinking of solving waiting list issues in the health service by replacing the cold water taps in Irish home with Calpol.