Musk Now Has Enough Children To Begin Replacing All His Major Organs


WITH THE ANNOUNCEMENT of a third child sired with singer Grimes, last place in the Hank Scorpio lookalike competition Elon Musk officially has enough offspring to begin replacing his vital organs.

“This is the guy who has killed a bunch of monkeys by trying to put brain chips in their heads, I think he can be trusted to act ethically when choosing which child has the healthiest kidney for him to take,” said one insider, as Musk explores ways to live longer as all narcissistic billionaires must.

Known for choosing zany names for some of his future organ donors, the full name of Musk’s third child with Grimes continues that trend with the name Take Lungs In Case Of Emergency.

“Billionaires replacing their blood supply with that of their son is so last week, Elon is always ahead of the curve. If Elon’s brain ever needs replacing the plan is to mush all 10 children’s brains together to form a megabrain,” confirmed Musk’s private surgeon.

“It keeps him up at night, the fact that the one transplant that still eludes him … the personality transplant.”

Musk has spoken on record about how he feels intelligent people need to procreate to preserve the future of humanity itself.

“Yeah I agree with the genius best known for cars going on fire, offering a masseuse a horse in exchange for sex and amassing billions in debt from overpaying for a loss making social media company, smart people like him should have more kids,” shared one expert.