Woman Leaves Important Reminder On Fridge To Completely Forget


ONE LOCAL woman determined to make sure she keeps on top of things has resorted to placing important reminders on her fridge where she can read them long after they would have actually come in handy, WWN can reveal.

Citing several important appointments and to-do tasks Aoife Brophy has turned to the front door of her fridge as a surface she would find impossible to ignore if a note was placed on it thus preventing her from losing track of important deadlines.

“No, I’m definitely going to remember it’s there and it won’t just sink into the back of my subconscious lying dormant until 5 minutes after I was supposed to go to the dentist or ring the bank before customer service clocked off,” confirmed Brophy, with some seriously misplaced confidence.

The note paper, bright in colour was selected for its ability to stand out in a crowd of existing fridge magnets but Brophy had failed to factor in she has the attention span of a toddler in a deep sleep.

Showering, watching TV, chatting to a friend on the phone, and cooking dinner Brophy filled her early evening without enough distractions that the reminder pinned on the fridge became part of her apartment’s landscape just like that cushion she bought in Morocco 4 years ago.

Now laughing at a joke in an episode of Friends she was watching, Brophy’s mind was completely devoid of any lingering awareness of a note that said ‘prevent nuclear bomb detonation on the quays 7.15pm’.