Local Man Keeps Posting Cringey Selfies Of Himself And No One Knows Why


FRIENDS and family members of local man Jeremy Gale are no nearer to understanding why he constantly posts cringeworthy selfies of himself daily to his social media feeds, no matter what the occasion, where he is or who he’s with.

“RIP gran, miss you, love Jer,” a smiling Mr. Gale posted yesterday afternoon at his grandmother’s wake, thankfully masking her coffin behind.

“It’s like someone told him one day that this is what you’re meant to do online, and no one has bothered to correct him since,” long-time friend Thomas Murphy speculated.

The 49-year-old, who has exactly the same expression in every single photograph he takes, has been taking selfies for the past 13 years, with all the focus seemingly on him in each and every captured snap.

“Jer goes on holidays and all you will see is a picture of Jer’s head and nothing else,” a family member revealed, “no matter where he is you’ll just see this weird face framing every shot, blocking whatever background that’s going on – his entire holiday snap collection is just him smiling manically at the camera like that horror film Smile – the man is deranged”.