Politicians Who Failed On Health Service & Compensation For Mother & Baby Home Survivors Express Sympathies


THE INTERNET has been awash with moving tributes to the indefatigable spirit of Sinead O’Connor, tributes penned by politicians who are never moved by the pleas of people looking for mental care services for their children or for compensation to be paid to survivors of Mother & Baby Homes.

“What a voice,” confirmed one politician who remained willfully deaf to any voice like O’Connor’s when they speak out about clerical abuse or champion anti-racism, pro-choice causes.

A nationwide nausea warning has been issued with many encouraged to avoid social media lest they encounter a politician expressing sympathies which hit toxic levels of hypocrisy.

“What a fiercely strong woman from her time in the Laundries right to the Grammys, a feminist icon,” crowed one TD, part of the establishment which voted to deny thousands of Mother and Baby survivors compensation, and was happy to hand over the National Maternity Hospital to the nuns.

“I may never have taken any interest in issues raised by her in the past such as support for those living with AIDs or decriminalisation of homosexuality and am currently actually pandering to constituents who think LGBT books should be banned from libraries, but sure I’m just here for the easy retweets,” confirmed one TD, devastated the singer’s funeral would not be held in his constituency.

“I might be completely unreachable when a constituent rings my office explaining how the CAMHs system isn’t fit for purpose but you better bet I’m available on social media now expressing sympathies emptier than my party’s election pledges,” confirmed a minister with no interest following up on any allegations leveled by HSE whistleblowers.

Meanwhile, a number of minor celebrities have asked that people not lose sight of the really important thing in all this which is that they met Sinead O’Connor once and have the picture to prove it.