Is This All A False Flag Operation To Get Renault Free Advertising?


THE strange and deranged coverage of secretive payments to Ryan Tubridy by RTÉ has been covered non-stop in an unrelenting 24/7 coverage.

As a reliable stream of hot take opinions flooded papers and the airwaves, a torrent of memes flew around WhatsApp groups, but the more seasoned marketing expert Jane Hurley (writing for WWN today) thought about it, the more it became clear something was a miss:

“I’ve 20 years experience in the marketing game and let me tell you one thing and one thing alone – none of this is real. The flip flops. Tubs’ appearance at the Oireachtas. ‘Are you loyal?’, ‘I don’t know what my salary is’. Dee Forbes being added to the FBI’s most wanted list. This has all been brought about by the clandestine plotting of Renault.

It’s a false flag people. Think about it.

When’s the last time you actually saw a Renault? Caught driving a Renault? You’d sooner be outed as a member of ISIS.

Driving a Renault is about as cool as a heatwave in a volcano.

What person under 35 remembers Papa and Nicole?

Who let the French make cars? It was destined to fail and Renault’s marketing team knew this so they needed something big, something huge.

Is it Renault or Renault?

Marty wouldn’t dare, would he?

This whole sad charade is nothing more than an expertly executed faux-fuck-up manufactured by a car brand that needs exposure. And there’s no bother way to get exposure than by being at the centre of a monumental omnishambles.

Would Renault pay a charisma vacuum €75,000 to host a promotional event? Ha, as if! But would they earn priceless millions in indirect publicity if they pretended to be a tiny unrelated part of a big corporate governance snafu in RTÉ? Of course.

They put Mattie McGrath into the Dáil years ago, they knew he could be relied on to generate viral moments.

What drove them, pun intended, to such desperate action? C’mon isn’t it obvious, it only takes one Lottie Ryan filmed promo for Toyota to flip the car market on it head. Her influence is so great that minutes after she was made a Toyota ambassador sales increased by 500%. The Renault Fluence couldn’t buy that sort of influence… or could it?”