Everything You Need To Know About ‘Oppenheimer’


A MOVIE receiving incredible reviews from critics, audiences can’t wait to see Cillian Murphy as the father of the atom bomb Robert Oppenheimer in ‘Oppenheimer’.

Here’s everything we know about the movie so far:

Director Christopher Nolan confirms the scene of Oppenheimer discovering bath bombs and creating beloved chain Lush is included.

As a promotional tie-in Nolan has confirmed an unnamed cinema showing the film will have an atomic bomb dropped on it.

Nolan resisted the studio’s pressure to change the ending. “They wanted Cillian to fall in love with a beautiful rival Japanese physicist who was also attempting to build an atom bomb, at the point of climax they would both scream ‘make love, not war’. While that is historically accurate, I prefer my ending where I nuke the Japanese”.

Anyone who dislikes the film will be too embarrassed and fearful to admit it.

Margot Robbie’s Barbie does have a brief cameo. Speaking excitedly about the movie crossover Nolan said ‘the Barbie marketing team put a gun to my wife’s head and said they’d blow her fucking brains out if I didn’t do it’.

Such is the vastness of the large screen IMAX format movie goers will be required to stretch their eye balls to four times their normal size.

In a major plot twist for a Nolan film some of the dialogue will be fully audible.

The film will depict the US military’s infamous ‘Trinity test’ incorrectly described as the time a nuclear bomb test was conducted on US soil. In reality the Trinity test involved seeing if someone who goes to Trinity College could refrain from mentioning the fact. Tragically, all test subjects failed.

The movie is R-rated because Cillian Murphy hangs dong in this movie. We repeat Clonakilty sausage is on the menu. His Blarney shtones out ‘n all. Rumours it’ll be seen entering Florence Pugh’s Jack Lynch tunnel too, if you catch our drift. Full on Ballydeknob, if you follow.