Taylor Swift Fans To Crowdfund Purchase Of Dublin Hotel


FED UP with being price gouged by money hungry hotels, Irish Taylor Swift fans have turned to crowd funding for a solution.

“We only started the fundraising 37 seconds ago but we’ve enough money to buy the fucking Westbury,” confirmed devout Swiftie Rebecca O’Brien, one of many fans who have had their hotel booking for the dates of Swift’s 2024 gigs canceled by Dublin hotels unhappy customers were able to book rooms at their original non-gouging rate.

Such was the rapid response to the fundraising efforts by fans of the Folklore singer plans have had to be altered and expanded.

“We’re actually breaking ground on three new hotels as we speak. Call us crazy but we think there’s a market for a hotel that charge reasonable rates at peaks times that in turn earns the respect and loyalty of customers,” added O’Brien, surveying a plans with the word ‘crush bastard rip off hotels’ written in blood.

“We’re calling on the gardaí to designate Swifties as a domestic terror group,” said one hotel manager, suffering substantial hearing loss after taking a phone call from a fan who had their booking suddenly cancelled.

Ahead of the massive ticket selling cock-up for the gigs themselves Ticketmaster have hired Wagner Mercenary Group to provide senior executives with round the clock security.