Gardaí Make Fresh Appeal For Witnesses To Battle Of Clontarf In 1014AD


COLD CASE detectives have appealed for the public’s help in apprehending those responsible for a number of murders in the Clontarf area, WWN can report.

“We’re appealing to people who may be eye witnesses, despite the length of time that has passed any small detail remembered could prove important,” said Detective Colm Canning, tasked with solving the case which remains largely unsolved since 1041AD.

“We ask the public to think back and consider, did they see anyone suspicious wearing chainmail, was someone recently boasting about sharpening their sword, did someone admit taking part after a few too many meads? If this rings any bells, get in touch,” added Garda Canning, clearly under pressure to issue the first arrest in the case.

Gardaí have set up a granite stone in Clontarf for anyone to leave information in Ogham and have released a parchment with a drawing of a man called Brian Boru, who they would like to speak with in relation to the bloody battle.

“We appreciate that with upwards of 6,000 casualties most potential witnesses actually died in the fighting but perhaps you were a bystander and took notes with your quill,” concluded Garda Canning, before confirming Crime Call would stage a reenactment involving 10,000 people in a bid to help jog people’s memory.