DAZN Secure Exclusive Rights To Broadcast Sutton Beach Brawls


DAZN, the world’s leading sports streaming platform has today snatched up the exclusive rights to all future Sutton beach brawls in a 7-figure deal spanning 4 years.

“We here at DAZN are excited to bring fight fans all the thrills and spills from Irish beaches as part of reasonable Pay Per View packages. If you want cheap shots, head stamping, lampings, zero garda presence and general civil disobedience you’re only going to see it with DAZN,” explained head of acquisitions at DAZN, Daniel Zone.

Having dipped their toe in the water for the Irish market with Katie Taylor’s recent homecoming fight, DAZN acted quickly to secure the rights due to how popular the viral videos of the violent skirmishes were proving among Irish people online.

“Burrow Beach is now as synonymous with fighting as Madison Square Garden and Las Vegas MGM, once we get the octagons installed and the 5,000 seater viewing platforms we’re ready to broadcast all summer long,” added Zone.

A separate Pay Per View experience will give subscribers access to ‘Upper Class Horror Cam’, a camera which zooms in on the pained expressions on the faces of local residents who have paid well over a million for a house only to be overrun by trouble-making swathes of the great unwashed.